So You Live in an Unaffiliated County?

Unless your county is affiliated, you are unrepresented in LPTexas.

If you live in an unaffiliated county and want to be involved in the delegate process at any level, including national, follow these steps to get your county affiliated and get involved.

Step 1: New County Parties

To review the list of organized counties, visit the LPTexas county affiliate page. If your county is not on this list, and you’d like to help it become affiliated, contact the Affiliate Coordinator at [email protected] and consider applying to serve as the Temporary County Chair by submitting an application.

If you are appointed as Temporary County Chair, you can start building a new county party!

If you need help affiliating, contact us and we'll help you out!

    Step 2: Outreach and Recruitment

    The first step to building a county party is to ensure locals know you exist!

    • Start with establishing an online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, and others. When able, create a dedicated website. Generate posts to help your local community learn about and join your party. Of course, no system beats direct contact and personal invitations!

    • Arrange social events and build a core group of libertarians in your county. Learn about each others’ interests and skills. Encourage people to consider serving in various roles of the county party, either as volunteers or elected officers.

    Check out the graphic below from LPTexas for understanding the different growth phases of county affiliates.