Welcome to the Cookbook! 

We are glad you are here.

The intention of this book is to help the individual (here’s looking at YOU) to be fully equipped to take action.  We are on a mission to fully affiliate the state of Texas and we need folks like you to accomplish this.  Step one is already complete…you are HERE.  By picking up this guide we are able to help, support, and walk you through the process.  Even if your county is affiliated but languishing, we have great information enclosed that will help you revive and grow your party.

This book is a collaboration by people who were once just as you may be.  We were ready to act- but didn’t know exactly what to do next.  Please take advantage of our experiences and our mistakes.  We have navigated these waters and want to ensure that your journey through affiliation and growth is as smooth as possible.

Another note is this – this is an ever-evolving work.  We have anticipated change and structured this guide to grow and change as time goes on.  The folks behind this guide only want to help you be successful.

So, lets go! And if you need a hand, we are always here for you.

Chapter 1: Who We are

Chapter 2: LPTexas

Chapter 2B: LPTexas

Chapter 3: County Growth

Chapter 4: County Templates

Chapter 5: Conventions